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Melbourne is the second most populous city in Australia with upwards of 5 million residents — about one-fifth of nation's total population. Its metropolitan area is made up of 31 municipalities and covers a sprawling 3,858 square miles (9,992 sq. km) surrounding much of Port Phillip Bay. Melbourne is considered one of the most livable cities in the world, receiving high marks for entertainment, tourism, education, health care, research and development on the Economist Intelligence Unit's Liveability Index.


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Ngerukewid is a group of islands in Palau, an island nation in the northwestern Pacific Ocean. Also known as Orukuizu, the group contains 37 small raised coral islands, which range in size from 1,000 to 485,000 square meters. They are uninhabited and famous for their beaches, blue lagoons, and their peculiar umbrella- or mushroom-like shape.

Central de Abasto

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Thousands of trucks and cars surround the Central de Abasto, Mexico City’s largest wholesale market for produce and other foodstuffs. The market serves more than 300,000 people and handles over 30,000 tons of merchandise each day — representing 80% of the consumption of the Mexico City metropolitan area.


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Valencia is the third-most populated municipality in Spain, with nearly 800,000 inhabitants. Much of the city is characterized by a strict grid pattern of long straight streets and buildings constructed around communal courtyards. Valencia is located on the Turia River and along Spain’s east coast — in fact, the Port of Valencia is the second-busiest container port on the Mediterranean Sea.

New York City Low-Angle

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New York City, captured by DigitalGlobe's WorldView-3 satellite from a remarkable 600 miles away. The focal length of the satellite camera is 32 times longer than a standard DSLR camera, making a view like this possible. Within the Overview, many of the city's landmarks are visible, including the Brooklyn Bridge, Freedom Tower, Empire State Building and Central Park.

Dubai Shoreline

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Dubai has changed drastically over the last few decades. In the 1980s, the UAE city’s population was about 370,000 and its shoreline was mostly natural with some man-made harbors. As of 2020, 3.4 million people lived in Dubai and many artificial islands were built along the shore. Palm Jebel Ali, Palm Jumeirah, and the World Islands are some of the largest island projects, collectively using over 400 million cubic meters of reclaimed sand to construct.


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Neuf-Brisach is a fortified town and commune in the Alsace region of eastern France. Built in 1697, it was intended to guard the border between France and the Holy Roman Empire and, subsequently, the German states. Neuf-Brisach is perfectly octagonal, divided into 48 blocks set around the central parade ground, and is home to nearly 2,000 people.


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Lyon is the third largest city in France, with about 2.3 million people living in its metropolitan area. Situated at the convergence of the Rhône and Saône Rivers, it is considered the birthplace of cinema—pioneered by the Lumière brothers here in 1895—as well as a major culinary center. In the center of the city, located between the rivers, is Place Bellecour, a tree-lined public square with flower stalls, a small art museum and a seasonal ice rink.

Lyon, France

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Lyon is the third largest city in France, situated at the convergence of the Rhône and Saône Rivers. A section of the city, split by the Rhône, is seen in this Overview. Lyon is often recognized as the birthplace of cinema — pioneered by the Lumière brothers here in 1895 — as well as a major culinary center.

Batagaika Crater

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The Batagaika Crater, located in the Chersky Range of northeastern Siberia, Russia, is the largest permafrost crater in the world. One kilometer (0.6 miles) long, 100 meters (328 feet) deep, and growing, it has been sinking due to thawing permafrost since the 1960s. Batagaika’s rim is extremely unstable and the site of regular landslides, retreating by as much as 30 meters (98 feet) in a single year.

Busiest Day for U.S. Airports

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Sunday, November 26, was the busiest day ever at airports in the United States, with the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) reporting 2,907,378 passengers screened. More than 51,000 flights occurred, surpassing the daily average of 45,000 from 2022. The previous busiest day ever recorded by the TSA was also this year, on Friday, June 30, when 2,883,000 passengers traveled ahead of the Fourth of July holiday.

Yas Marina Circuit

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The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, held yesterday at Yas Marina Circuit, was the 22nd and final race of the 2023 Formula One (F1) season. Driver Max Verstappen of Team Red Bull led from start to finish, earning his third-consecutive Drivers’ Champion title and 54th career F1 victory. The Grand Prix consists of 55 laps around the 5.281-kilometer (3.28-mile) track, which can be seen in this Overview alongside “Ferrari World”—an 86,000-square-meter amusement park.

Plymouth Rock Boats

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Boats are moored in the waters by Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts, USA. A nearby site onshore is recognized as the disembarkation point of William Bradford and the Mayflower Pilgrims who founded Plymouth Colony in 1620. The following year, in 1621, a feast was held to celebrate a bountiful harvest, which is commonly recognized as the first Thanksgiving.

Downtown Houston

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Downtown Houston is the largest central business district in the US state of Texas, spanning 1.84 square miles (4.8 sq. km). Home to nine Fortune 500 companies, it contains 50 million square feet (4.6 million sq. m) of office space and is the workplace of 150,000 employees. In addition to most of Houston’s skyscrapers, this Overview features Minute Maid Park, home of the Astros (MLB); Shell Energy Stadium, home of the Dynamo (MLS); and Toyota Center, home of the Rockets (NBA).

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL)

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Hartsfield–Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia, has been the world’s busiest airport by passenger traffic since 1998. With 209 domestic and international gates and five parallel runways, it served 93.6 million passengers in 2022. As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, the airport is expected to handle 3.6 million passengers between November 17 and 28.

Nossa Senhora da Graça Fort

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The Nossa Senhora da Graça Fort is an eighteenth century fort in the village of Alcáçova, Portugal. Its prominent position atop Monte da Graça (Hill of Grace) made it an important stronghold during the Seven Years’ War, War of the Oranges and the Peninsular War. The fort is part of the Garrison Border Town of Elvas and its Fortifications, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

West Side National Park

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West Side National Park is a 2,343-square-mile (6,070-sq.-km) marine protected area on the western half of Andros Island, the Bahamas. A mix of shallow tidal flats, mangrove creeks and Caribbean pines, the park has little infrastructure and is only accessible by boat. It serves as an important feeding area for the West Indian Flamingo, a productive fish nursery and a refuge for many endemic and endangered species.

Amur River

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The Amur River passes through the city of Khabarovsk, spreading out into a dramatic braided pattern on its path through eastern Russia. As the world’s tenth-longest river, the Amur flows 1,755 miles (2,824 km) to form much of the border between the Russian Far East and Northeastern China. The first permanent bridge across the Amur was built in Khabarovsk in 1916, allowing the Trans-Siberian Railway to cross the 1.6-mile (2.6 km) span more efficiently.

Chongqing Metropolis

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Chongqing is a sprawling municipality at the confluence of the Yangtze and Jialing rivers in southwestern China. The metropolis covers an area the size of Austria – 31,816 square miles (82,403 square km) – and is crisscrossed by folds of mountain ranges, valleys, gorges and caves. Chongqing is China’s most populous municipality, with about 32 million people living across its 26 districts, eight counties and four autonomous counties.

Four Corners Monument

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Four Corners Monument marks the quadripoint in the Southwestern United States where the states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah meet. It is the only point in the United States shared by four states, and it also marks the boundary between two semi-autonomous Native American governments: the Navajo Nations and the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe. Visitors to the monument can position themselves at its center and “stand in four states at once.”