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Overview uses satellite and aerial imagery to demonstrate how human activity and natural forces shape our Earth. This perspective provides a powerful look at the planet where we live and the civilization we are creating. Through our daily posts, products, licensing, and collaborations we aim to inspire the Overview Effect.

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Our regular dose of Earth from above

37.375000°, 126.685000°

Ansan has quickly become one of South Korea’s busiest industrial cities, fueled by its emphasis on manufacturing. Though it has only been a city since 1986, it now has more than 700,000 residents and upwards of 10,000 companies. Visit our Instagram @dailyoverview to watch a Timelapse showing Ansan’s expansion onto reclaimed land in the Yellow Sea and the construction of Sihwa Seawall, which contains the world's largest tidal power generator. In recent years, water inside the seawall has begun drying up and will likely decline with additional land reclamation.

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